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Track 1: Lead Yourself
Track 2: Lead the Law
Track 3: Lead the Business

The programme consists of regular sessions and 'Law Labs'. A Law Lab is a small and interactive session, facilitated by experts allowing you to focus on an area of personal development, operations or the law in a small group of your peers. Places for each Law Lab will be limited. Early sign up is recommended to secure your place.

Sunday 12 May
15:00-19:30 Registration
18:00-20:00 25th Celebratory welcome buffet
18:00-20:00 Exhibition
Monday 13 May
07:45-18:00 Registration
08:15-16:00 Exhibition
08:15-09:00 Welcome coffee
09:00-10:30 Opening plenary
Opening plenary: The company lawyer as change agent in disruptive times

Heraclitus was right when he said, “change is the only constant in life” but both the pace and the intensity of that change have soared since ACC Europe launched 25 years ago. In that context, we explore the role of the company lawyer as a change agent and leader within the business, within the legal team and within the in-house legal community. How can we help our organisations and our profession in strategically and proactively navigating a legal and policy framework that appears in permanent flux, amidst trends such as globalisation that steams on, but is counterbalanced by forces of localisation; a realisation of the enormity of climate change based on evidence that is still denied by some; digitalisation that breaks old boundaries and expands ever further into our personal and professional lives; and the polarisation of politics whipped by populism?

Sponsor: K&L Gates

Simon Fish, General Counsel, BMO Financial Group, ACC Chair
Joanna Nayler, Group General Counsel, Just
Shannon Thyme Klinger, Group General Counsel, Novartis

Craig Budner, Global Strategic Growth Partner, K&L Gates

10:30-11:00 Networking break
11:00-12:30 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself

Why you never wash a rental car - Lead and influence others to OWN IT!!

Learn the mindsets and behaviours that get others to take more ownership of
what you want them to achieve. This is a highly interactive session that will
help you grow your influence with others and expand the impact you can

Mark Fritz, Founder & Managing Director, Procedor Limited


Track: Lead the Law

Competition law update

An overview of significant legal and policy developments in EU and US competition law, and the latest trends in competition litigation and what it means for you in practice.

Sponsor: Lex Mundi

Sarah Cardell, General Counsel, Competition and Markets Authority
Laurent Godfroid, Partner, Gide Loyrette Nouel A.A.R.P.I. – Lex Mundi Member Firm
Magdalena Jakubicz, Senior Corporate Counsel, Cisco
Paolo Palmigiano, Chairman, Association of in-house competition lawyers


Track: Lead the Business

The rise of (wearing the glasses of) the Chief Legal Operations Officer

A recent wave of innovation in technology and the availability of powerful tools for your team are helping your legal department to deliver better outcomes for your business. At the same time, the ecosystem of legal operations professionals is growing and changing in-house practice through innovations in process and technology. Legal Ops are in charge of integrating technology in the legal department and connecting the latter with the rest of the organisation. They help manage external consultants, define and track KPI’s and bridge relationships with cross-functional teams. In particular, they guide lawyers’ leverage of the full potential of legal tech tools.

The new tools, their accessibility, ease of deployment and cost structure often allow small companies to compete on a level playing field with more sophisticated players. This session will discuss what Legal Ops can do for lawyers and show their impact on the business overall and ultimately truly help to run your legal department as a business.

Sponsor: Mitratech

Tish Clyde, Vice President Global Employment Counsel, Nokia
Mo Zain Ajaz, Chief Operations Officer for Legal & General Counsel, National Grid

Chris Fowler, General Counsel BT Technology & Transformation, British Telecom


Track: Lead Yourself

Law Lab: An alternative perspective on the philosophy of collaboration in teams - Breaking down silo mentality

Repeated at 1600

Note: This Law Lab is limited to 24 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

A highly interactive session exploring some of the key components for leaders to encourage greater collaboration across their in-house teams.

Andrew Pawley, Partner, Aretai LLP


Track: Lead the Business

Law Lab: Brand, counterfeit and online market protection

Note: This Law Lab is limited to 30 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

Master the tools you need when choosing and implementing legal technologies to protect the corporate brand against counterfeiting and other online marketing risks.

Emanuele Bertoli, Founder, 1TrueID
Murielle Vincenti, Group Intellectual Property Director, Prada

12:30-14:00 Lunch break

Supported by Fisher & Phillips LLP

14:00-15:30 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead the Law

Brexit - the end, or just the beginning?

So now it's happened! For the first time in history, an EU Member State has left the club, but the political and legal issues are by no means resolved. What are the next steps in the Brexit process and what are the implications of Brexit for nationalist and separatist movements within Europe? Legal experts and heads of Brexit planning talk about the legal and practical issues for your business, and the implications for the future of the EU.

Sponsor: Ogletree Deakins

Alessandro Galtieri, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Colt Group
Stephen Hurley, Head of Brexit Planning & Policy, British Telecom
Sam Lowe, Senior Research fellow, Centre for European Reform
Simon J. McMenemy, Managing Partner, London, Ogletree Deakins


Track: Lead the Business

New skills to innovate: Checks and balances to the potential of AI (intended and unintended consequences)

"Who trains your AI and how?" might soon be a question you will be required to answer. Be prepared for that question, bearing in mind the importance of data sets and choosing the right people to train your AI. Biased AI can be a source of problems that can be both difficult to unwind and embarrassing to explain. We will consider these risks when weighed against the sometimes surprising power of AI, including the power to generate unexpected value in underexploited IP assets.

Sponsor: Cordery

Jonathan Armstrong, Technology & Compliance Lawyer, Cordery
Alejandro Bes, Senior Legal Counsel, Novartis
Ellas Papadopoulou, Legal Officer, European Commission
Erik Vermeulen, Senior Legal Counsel, Signify, Professor of Business and Financial Law, Tilburg University


Track: Lead Yourself

Are you ready for the next crisis?

How to manage yourself in a crisis? How to manage a crisis in your company? Learn from theory to practice, the basic do’s and don'ts, build your survival kit for the next cyclone you may face.

Neil Laventure, Vice President Legal, Consumer Healthcare EMEA, GSK
Steve Leroy, Group General Counsel, United Group BV


Track: Lead the Law

Law Lab: Human rights and the in-house lawyer: Creating and maintaining an ethical business

Note: This Law Lab is limited to 30 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

Ethical business means sustainable and profitable business.  Companies have a unique ability to make a difference in areas like human rights and the rule of law, and we as lawyers have a key role in supporting that effort. This session will look at how legislation is increasingly shaping the ethical and human rights agenda, the part business can play, and the risks of getting it wrong.

John Morrison, Chief Executive, Institute for Human Rights and Business
Moira Oliver, Head of Policy & Chief Counsel, Human/Digital Rights , British Telecom
Anna Triponel, Business and Human Rights Advisor, Triponel Consulting


Track: Lead the Business

Law Lab: Compliance and internal investigations

Note: This Law Lab is limited to 30 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

With increasing scrutiny coming from enforcement agencies around the world, the stakes for companies faced with compliance challenges have never been higher. This session will bring to light the latest “must have” tools for setting up and managing compliance systems. We will also talk about the use of AI in internal investigations including the advantages and challenges of the technology and what savvy practitioners are doing to make this technology acceptable to boards, regulators and courts around the world.

Sponsor: EY

Laura Rigo, EMEA Legal Counsel, HP
Brenton Steenkamp, Managing Partner, EY Forensic & Integrity Services, WEM

15:30-16:00 Networking break
16:00-17:30 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself

Best practices with legal and non-legal partners

Learn from recent trends on partnering with external firms and alternative providers, what you should be thinking about to improve the management of your "suppliers". Attend this session to learn how to seize the opportunity when it presents itself and hear from a panel of collaborators how your law firm can employ innovative technologies to help your team innovate; how your solutions provider can work with you to find and develop new technologies; and how your department can take advantage of its role as a lead user and process innovator.


Track: Lead the Law

The march of the machines? The legal and ethical issues

Note: This Law Lab is limited to 30 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

AI is a technology that is often key to the growth strategies of our businesses but there is increasing concern and debate around the ethical and legal issues that arise from handing over control to computers or machines. How does my driverless car make life and death decisions? How is my data being used and mined? Are crucial decisions about me being made by a machine? This session looks at the ethical debate and developing law, and the role of the GC in that debate within companies.

Sponsor: Bird & Bird LLP

Carolyn Herzog, EVP & General Counsel, Arm
Roelien van Neck, Partner, Bird & Bird LLP
Professor Burkhard Schafer, Professor of Computational Legal Theory, University of Edinburgh


Track: Lead the Business

Law Lab: Information management

Note: This Law Lab is limited to 30 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

An evaluation of the latest trends in legal research, including advanced eDiscovery and other cutting-edge AI tools on the horizon. We will discuss how AI will change basic legal research skills and cost parameters.

Jessica Jacob, Co-founder, CEO and CLO, Komply LLC
Laura Pavese, Litigation Manager, EMEA Legal, HP Italiana s.r.l.


Track: Lead Yourself

Law Lab: An alternative perspective on the philosophy of collaboration in teams - Breaking down silo mentality

Repeated session, for session summary see session 5

Note: This Law Lab is limited to 24 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

Andrew Pawley, Partner, Aretai LLP


Track: Lead the Law

The brave new world of cyber breaches and cyber litigation

Large data breaches are a nightmare scenario, making headlines, and keeping legal and compliance professionals awake at night. This session will look at some recent high-profile data breaches, and the litigation which went with them. What do these cases show? What are the key drivers of risk and loss? What are the trends in cyber breach? Does GDPR make claims and litigation more likely - or more costly? Will we see the rise of US-style group actions for data breaches in Europe and what simple steps can be taken to reduce the risk of a breach and the risk of loss?

Jeff Bullwinkel, Associate General Counsel and Regional Director of Corporate, Legal & External Affairs Microsoft Europe, Microsoft Europe
Susan Fahringer, Partner, Perkins Coie
Lorena Marciano, Director - EMEAR Data Protection & Privacy Officer, Cisco
Senior representative, GCHQ, National Cyber Security Centre


Track: Lead the Business

Law Lab: Project management for lawyers

Note: This Law Lab is limited to 30 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

Legal counsel will need to hone new skills that over the next few years will become critical to be an effective business partner. Looking at the development and deployment of complex projects from a project management perspective: determining objectives, contingencies, milestones, stakeholders, processes, etc. A case study on GDPR compliance will showcase how proper project management is an essential skill when working at scale.

Sponsor: Eversheds Sutherland

Ken Ebanks, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, EMEAC, eBay
Cathal McDermott, Privacy and Regulatory Affairs Attorney, Microsoft

17:30-18:00 Making the most of your ACC membership

All in-house delegates are invited to join this informative session.

19:00-22:30 Conference dinner National Museum of Scotland

Conference Dinner at the National Museum of Scotland. Transport will be provided (20 minutes drive). Coaches will depart from the Sheraton Grand and Waldorf Astoria Hotel at 1830.

This is a pre-registered event. Please book a place on the registration form.

Dress code: Business formal

Supported by Lex Mundi

Tuesday 14 May
08:30-14:00 Exhibition
08:30-15:30 Registration
08:30-09:00 Welcome coffee
09:00-10:30 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself

A new step in your legal in-house career, thinking of becoming a GC or CLO, or moving on from your GC role?

Are you working on taking the next steps in your in-house legal career, looking forward to becoming a GC or CLO? This session will provide useful tips to help you develop a sound attitude, identify the right opportunities to look out for and develop essential skills such as business acumen, assertiveness, communication and more.

Sponsor: Eversheds Sutherland

James Bellerjeau, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Mettler-Toledo International Inc.
Sandra Mori, Data Privacy Officer Europe, Coca-Cola
Kimberly Nuzum, Group Deputy GC, Publicis Group


Track: Lead the Law

Data overload? Data protection - GDPR and beyond

GDPR will soon celebrate its first birthday. This session will look at the practical issues and evolving market practice. It will also look at data law and regulation beyond GDPR: the EU E-privacy regulation amendment, and the NIS Directive in relation to security, the US privacy shield, and data laws in other jurisdictions, such as the US Cloud Act.

Sponsor: Littler

Eric van Dam, Employment Lawyer, MfN certified Mediator, CLINT, Littler
Sara Fernández, Privacy Strategy Director, Liberty Global
Jeremy Rollison, Director Government Affairs, Microsoft EU
Thomas Roth, Global Data Protection Officer, Boehringer Ingelheim


Track: Lead the Business

Lawful tech and innovative tools

When launching new services and tech tools to the market or adopting these in your organisation, you will need to make sure deployment does not conflict with the law and internal compliance rules. Issue spotting and legal approval for sensitive high impact tools (e.g. biometric security, internal investigations, metric and analytics, and employment law).

Cem Akoymak, Director of General Legal Affairs, Turkcell
Andrea Bertolini, Assistant Professor of Law, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna


Track: Lead Yourself

Law Lab: Coach yourself back to your mindful, best-performing and creative self | For in-house counsel only

Repeated at 1100

Note: This Law Lab is limited to 30 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

Practice intuitive techniques to help you let go of pressure and tension, analyse what (or who) is pushing your buttons, and devise simple daily strategies to help you refocus, regroup, reboot ... and shine!

Pino Bethencourt, Coach for leadership and personal growth, Pino Bethencourt


Track: Lead the Law

Law Lab - Building an effective in-house pro bono programme

Note: This Law Lab is limited to 30 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

Pro bono work is a key way for us to demonstrate our commitment as lawyers to society. It lets us use our own particular skills as part of the social and ethical engagement of our companies. Law firms have traditionally led in this area, but in-house departments are starting to play a key role. How can I get involved in pro bono? How can a law department encourage and promote pro bono programmes? Learn from examples of programmes that are working well.

Andrea Garford-Tull, Group Senior Legal Counsel, Technology & IP, Dentsu Aegis
Avnee Thakrar, Senior Legal Counsel, 3M North Europe Region
Rebecca Wilkinson, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Programmes, Law Works


Track: Lead the Business

Law Lab: Contract management

Note: This Law Lab is limited to 30 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

In this session, we will discuss the tools to manage the life cycle of a contract, including drafting, negotiation, versioning, execution, retention, and performance obligations.  

Sponsor: ContractPodAi®

Kenny Robertson, Head of Outsourcing, Legal, RBS

10:30-11:00 Networking break
11:00-12:30 Concurrent sessions

Track: Lead Yourself

The in-house lawyer of the 2020s: be and remain innovative, embrace change, dare to disrupt

How to be or remain innovative/disruptive. Who innovates? The role of in-house counsel, law firms and solution providers in legal innovation.

Sponsor: Brightflag

Gloria Sánchez, Chief Transformation Officer, Santander
Miguel Viedma, Vice President and Group Legal Director Digital, Capgemini


Track: Lead the Law

A step to the right? Doing business in the new world order

The world order is changing: the post-war multilateral consensus has been replaced in many places by a 'go-it-alone' unilateralism (America First, Brexit). It's a worldwide movement extending from the grass roots to the pinnacle of power and has implications for our lives and especially our business, implications we can't afford to ignore. Experts and in-house counsel talk about the practical implications for companies.

Kris Brown, President, Brady Campaign & Center to Prevent Gun Violence
Tanya Jaeger de Foras, Vice President & Chief Legal Officer, Whirlpool EMEA


Track: Lead the Business

Cross functional leadership and decision making in times of uncertainty

This session will discuss the relationship between the legal department and other business functions whereby the nature of the decision making required inherently relies upon legal judgment. Legal counsel will need to develop new skills that over the next few years will become critical to be an effective business partner. In this session we will discuss cases in which the business challenges are grounded in interpretation of existing rules or the ability to predict future rules and policies (as in the case of evolving technologies).

Sebastian Chames, Senior Vice-President, General Counsel, Viacom International Media Networks Southern & Western Europe Middle, East Africa
Matteo Frigerio, Italy Country Manager and Senior Counsel, Airbnb
Paul H Williams, Executive Commercial Counsel, GE Gas Power


Track: Lead Yourself

Law Lab: Coach yourself back to your mindful, best-performing and creative self | For in-house counsel only

Repeated session, for session summary see session 22

Note: This Law Lab is limited to 30 delegates. Please pre-book via the conference registration form.

Pino Bethencourt, Coach for leadership and personal growth, Pino Bethencourt

12:30-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-15:30 Closing plenary
Closing plenary: Crossing the generational divide: Unlocking the power of generations to succeed in disruptive times

Before we let you go home… As if living, working and succeeding amidst all the disruption highlighted in the opening plenary was not enough, we also work in a time of unprecedented generational challenge and change. Four generations in the workforce. Five generations in the marketplace. And making matters worse, there is a tremendous amount of misinformation around generational differences, hampering our ability to enlist and lead those different generations in these challenging times. What we know for a fact - strategies that work for one generation can be a complete turn-off for others. This generational divide makes your job even more difficult and more important than ever. Gain crucial insights and get the tools to manage and lead across generations.

Jason Dorsey, Millennial and Gen Z Researcher and Keynote Speaker, The Center for Generational Kinetics - Millennial and Gen Z Researchers

Programme and speakers are subject to change without notice.

ACC Europe wishes to thank the 2019 Annual Conference Advisory Board for their thought leadership, creativity and hard work in developing this programme:

Steve Leroy, Group General Counsel, United Group BV

Co chair:
Jasprit Sahnsi, General Counsel, Corporate, Selecta

Track leaders:
Eva Argiles Malonda, General Counsel, Applus Services SA
Maurizio Di Bartolomeo, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director & Corporate Secretary, Giochi Preziosi
David Gribble, Senior Commercial Lawyer, British Telecom

Deputy track leaders:
Patrick Ambrose, Chief Legal Officer, DLL Ireland
Carmelo Fontana, Senior Corporate Counsel, Google
Jorge Munoz-Fuentes, Head of Legal & Compliance Spain, Gilead

25th Anniversary celebratory track leader:
Katerina Galanopoulou, Legal and Compliance Counsel, SAP Greece Cyprus & Malta