Speaker License Agreement and Release Form

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the 2019 ACC Europe Annual Conference. One of Association of Corporate Counsel’s (“ACC”) key missions is to help members share information relevant to in-house practice. Because ACC and its Chapters, including the ACC Europe, will be distributing your presentation and using the information you provide (“Work”) to produce other materials of value to in-house counsel, we need your consent to this licensing agreement. Please read this agreement carefully, and sign below to acknowledge your consent.

In consideration of your participation and complimentary registration to the 2019 ACC Europe Annual Conference you and ACC hereby agree as follows:

You grant ACC and its Chapters the non-exclusive and irrevocable limited license to use the Work for all reasonable purposes related to (i) the 2019 ACC Europe Annual Conference (ii) other ACC sponsored activities in the normal course of its business, and (iii) ACC’s production of other materials of value to in-house counsel in the normal course of its business. The Work collectively includes your presentation at the meeting, your image, your name and position, any biographical information you submit, and any other material you provide to ACC or Annual Conference attendees in print or electronic format, whether in advance, during, or after the 2019 ACC Europe Annual Conference in connection with your participation as faculty.

As part of this license, you agree that ACC and its Chapters may produce transcriptions of all or portions of the Work, and may copy, rewrite, produce, edit and distribute the Work in whole or part in any format now or hereafter existing, including, without limitation, electronic and printed formats, in any part of the world. This license shall not expire, and ACC may utilize all or a portion of the Work in such manner and format consistent with the terms of this license as it desires from time to time.

You shall retain the copyright with respect to your presentation and written materials as submitted, and you may reproduce and distribute such materials, but you shall have no rights to any derivative materials ACC creates from the Work, and you shall not be entitled to any additional compensation for ACC ’s use of the Work in any format at any time. ACC shall own the copyright to any derivative works created from your materials. You represent and warrant that you are either the author or owner of all rights to the Work, and that the Work does not infringe on the rights of others, and that you have full power and authority to submit the Work and to grant this license to ACC and its Chapters.

Please indicate below that you understand and agree to the terms of this license agreement and release as detailed above.